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30 Days with a Grateful Heart: Day 26 - 28

Day 26: Grateful for a year's membership to the new Thinkery Children's Museum, thanks to my Mum (AKA Bum Bum or full name Grumblebum) and Chris (Papa).  This was by far the best way to use Christmas $$.  We have already used the membership twice and I see many more visits in our horizon!  It's fantastic!  This was one of Francis' favorite activities - the water splash-ery!!  It is great!  Fun and wet!!  Thanks Bum Bum and Papa!

Day 27: Grateful for commissions.  This year I have received a number of commissions for my art.  They can be nerve wracking at times, but I enjoy the challenge of a new idea/subject matter or size to work in.  I am about to start a new commission of a peacock, excited to have a new project to bring in 2014.  Here are the commissions I made in 2013. 

Dragonflies with Gladioli, 23" x 25"

Family Hike, 11" x 14"

Alphabet Animals, 8" x 10", mounted to 12" x 16"
Family Nesting, 8" x 10"

Day 28:  A couple of months ago my 4 year old son Francis expressed interest in a sewing machine.  I honestly have no idea where he got this idea from, maybe his cousin in Vermont?  Anyway, I talked to my Step Mum Jill who makes the most beautiful quilts.  I asked her advice and she looked into finding a very simple sewing machine for Francis for Christmas.  She ordered it from The Quilter's Folly in Austin and I picked it up along with some nice fabric.  I held off giving it to him on Christmas Day as I thought it may be a little overwhelming with all the other "stuff" and then the learning part of using the machine. Jill gave me great advice for how to introduce the machine and safe use.  We had a Skype chat with Granny and Grandad last night and Francis opened his gift from them while we were chatting, it was perfect!  Like we were all together and the excitement and delight that Francis had, Granny and Grandad got to experience!  It was very special!  The only "problem" was that he was so excited that he could not sleep and wanted to stay awake until the morning...it took a LONG time for him to settle to sleep and he woke earlier than usual this morning, but to his credit he was very patient while we dozed for awhile!!

The Sewing Machine!

Sewing with the little guy was awesome!  He was patient and listened and we sewed together all morning!!  It was fun.  Look forward to sewing more with him and helping him get acquainted to using the sewing machine!  Success!!  Grateful for my Step-Mum Jill for making this happen, as always, she is so thoughtful and spot on!  Love and thanks Jill!

Francis with his first sewing project!
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