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30 Days with a Grateful Heart: Day 7

Cardinals nesting outside our window

Yesterday morning, as I was waking up and greeting the day, I opened the curtains, and right outside the window was a gorgeous red cardinal.  He just stayed there and looked at me and I at him.  It was a simple, yet beautiful moment. He stayed for minute and then flew away.  I am grateful for this special moment.  The cardinal was sitting in our jasmine vine that creeps up our screened in porch.  This is the same place where cardinals nested in the spring, that was really special, we got to see them nest, and then watch their babies grow.  I even got to see the dad guiding the babies as they practiced flying one afternoon and then...they were on their way.  Cardinals are one of my favorite birds and I always delight in seeing them in our garden.  They often make their way into my art too!!

Cardinal in Flight, 2012
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