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30 Days with a Grateful Heart: Day 1

Today marks the beginning of 30 Days with a Grateful Heart, a tradition started by Jote Khalsa on her blog Bless Her Heart.  I began blogging the grateful heart back in 2010 and have done so every year since, with some days missed here and there.  I enjoy sharing and reading other people's gratitudes.  One year all of my sisters joined in and that was super special for me as I live so far away from them (they are in Australia, I am in Austin, Texas).  It felt like we were part of each others everyday, and that was very special!  December is always busy, and a bit hectic, but if I stop to reflect for a moment or two, I get to see the wonderment that can be found in the everyday.

Today I am grateful for spending the morning with my friend Jen at in.gredients.  My son Francis and Jen's daughter Greta played so beautifully together, making "pixie dust" out of chalk and then gently putting it over each others hair.  I delighted in watching them be so tender with each other.  It was beautiful to watch!

I am also grateful for a wonderful evening with our friends Charlotte, Paul, Stella and Leon.  We have been enjoying dinner club together for many years, ten at least, maybe longer!  This evening we went to Charlotte and Paul's, potluck style.  It was perfect!  Every dish complemented the next!  And our 4 year old was super chill while we ate dinner and talked!  That was the icing on the cake!  Thank you friends, it's always a pleasure!

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