Photo by Corinne Gassiot
                          Photo Credit: Corrine Gassiot

"I found that I could say things with colors and shapes that I couldn't say any other way" Georgia O'Keefe

In My art I use Batik (a wax-dye resist process) to create color and shapes. I enjoy the elements of surprise in dyeing fabric, the many layers and vibrant colors. I create collage designs that are often guided by shapes that emerge in the fabric.

A form of folk art, my work is both simple and intricate. I create familiar scenes from nature and everyday life that are connected to the world I inhabit - the cooling waters of Barton Springs in Austin, cardinals nesting in my garden and snowy days in Vermont. I am also interested in creating both temporary and permanent fabric art installations for public spaces that explore concepts of community and connection.

I facilitate workshops with children and adults at events including Maker Faire, local schools and community centers. Space is provided with intention to create art, nurture community and to show that the possibilities are virtually limitless. In these workshops, participants are invited to create an individual artwork and contribute to a community collage artwork.

For Austin's New Year 2017 & 2018, I created an art installation called Fairyland.  Visitors to Fairyland added to the installation and wrote their wishes for the New Year. I enjoyed being part of this magical community experience!  

Here is a short video about the batik wax/dye process.  This video was made for Austin's Maker Faire.  Thanks to Danny Cameron and Troy Lanier for making this video!

My long-term goal is to illustrate children's books. Visit my Artist Profile for more information.

Purchasing Art
Most pieces on this website are for sale and are also listed on my online Etsy store.   Commissions are always welcome!   

Chickens Little, 5

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