Batik By Design - Batik Fabric Collage Art and Design by Melissa Knight

Peacock Commission, 2014Snow Girl I, SOLDSunflowers, SOLDPicasso's Girl with Dove, $85  Picasso's Girl Before a Mirror, SOLD
Green Owl, SOLDPeacock IV, SOLDCardinal in Flight, SOLDBluebonnets, SOLD  Rainbow Owl, SOLD
Hummingbird, SOLDSpring Flowers SOLDPeacocks, SOLDSunflowers, $65  Hummingbird I, $100
Sunflowers, SOLDPicasso's Blue Nude, SOLDPeacock, SOLDTwo Friends Swimming, $150Family, 8" x 10"
Dragonflies with Gladioli,Snow Girl II, SOLDFamily Hike Commission, 2013Self Portrait, SOLDPeacock I, SOLD

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©Melissa Knight
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